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Volkswagen's Hollywood Celebration

Ahhh, the Volkswagen Hollywood Celebration at the Getty Center in LA. Apparently, it's the second annual tradition, though it was my first visit. The guest list seemed promising and the atmosphere proved worthwhile. Low key, Tori Spelling slipped in with her new fiance Dean McDermott. Towards the end of the evening, a friend swore Spelling held a public peepshow for her new boo. I didn't personally witness it so I won't report it as truth... per say. Though I will admit, he's typically a reliable source.

Another friend, shared a smoke with Mekhi Phifer. Literally. My +1 for the evening had forgotten his cigarettes. On the balcony of the Getty Center, he approached a group of guys to bum one. Little did he realize, the guy who obliged was *the* hot ER doctor we all know and love. Later in the evening, we watched Phifer slip into his white Range Rover. Must've been a guys' night because I didn't see any women escorting them.

Jeremy Piven was *the man* of the night... If only he'd sung like, Nouvelle Vague, who'd been flown in "direct from Paris" to perform. Others in attendance: Gary Dourdan, Bai Ling, Tyrese Gibson, and JC Chasez.

The food? Delish! My friends kept wondering who'd catered the event. (The verdict was out.) Who knew Volkswagen threw one heck of a party?!

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