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the stone rose lounge...

9/18/06:: It's hard to escape LA... even when you're trying. Saturday, I was in a low-key mood. I'd thrown on a cute (but casual!) shirt, jeans, and sandals. I figured my friend Michelle & I would head to a dive bar. When she suggested a new spot called the Stone Rose Lounge, I was game... Little did I realize I was about to step into the pages of US Weekly.

Upon arrival, we skipped the bouncers and velvet rope! (Instead, we opted for the Sofitel Hotel's lobby entrance where we slipped into the adjoining lounge with ease.) My friend announced, "I swear this is the new celeb hot spot." Ohhh, geez. Then again, where in LA, isn't... right?

Sure enough -- I immediately spotted Michael Vartan at the bar. (My boyfriend has since okayed him as an addition to "my list.") Soon after, Nicky & Paris Hilton slipped into the outdoor lounge with their entourage which included Brandon Davis. (No sign of rumored fling Travis Barker). Later in the evening, Avril Lavigne and new hubby Deryk of Sum 41 joined in on the eye candy. They didn't stay long. Maybe his ex-fling--Paris--scared him off?!

My favorite sighting of the evening? Pauly Shore, who chatted with the DJ. Oh, what a night! Next time, I'll have to dress for it!

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