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The Surreal-est Life...


I'd swear I was part of a Surreal Life episode yesterday...


This is how it all began::


Industry Clothing, one of my fave clothing companies, invited me to peruse their new spring and fall collections at the Chateau Marmont. I couldn't wait! Literally, I'd been counting down the days. I fell in love with the Montreal based brand during their last Los Angeles visit and was excited to see what they had in store for the new seasons.


Armed with a girl's best accessory (her boyfriend!), I arrived at Industry's bungalow for the day and my eyes immediately went to the clothing racks. Cute cotton tanks, jackets, and skirts... I was overwhelmed with options. I looked further to my right. Much to my surprise, Industry had brought along another designer's collections -- Debbie Shuchat and her d Collection.


As my boyfriend tried on shirts from Industry's line, I dove into Debbie Shuchat's. The pieces were gorgeous. Beaded summer tanks, lace cotton halters... descriptions wouldn't do them justice. (Hence the photos I've included.)


So. Anyway. I'm upstairs trying on clothing and who walks in while I'm away? Mad TV's Mo Collins. Up next? Spike TV's Courtney Hansen. I return downstairs and spot friend and comedian Dan Levy... Eventually, even Andy Dick joins in on the fun. (And proceeds to hit on both me and my boyfriend!)


Eventually, Char Jackson of the Britney Spears-K-Fed fame arrives. As she samples Industry's goods, Jason Alexander, Brit's annulled ex-husband enters the Bungalow ready to review the collections.


The real-life reality show was turning into too much for me to handle. Instead, I focused on Industry's collection. Corals and pastels and skirts... oh my!


After several fittings, I was sad to part ways with Industry & Debbie Shuchat's "Surreal Life." After all, the bungalow lacked drama and focused on fashion... how can you go wrong with that?!

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