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Golden Globe Lounge Hopping...


Indulging in celebrity worship isn't easy. I played faux celeb for three days at four lounges leading up to the Golden Globes: the Silver Spoon Buffet, Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge, the InStyle Suites, and Glamour Suites...
After an excursion into the Hollywood Hills, I finally found the estate hosting the Silver Spoon Buffet. (It was a top secret location SO secret that they'd accidentally given me the wrong address.) Not to worry, I'd finally arrived at the Bev Hills estate and entered into the jungle of freebies. But not without giving, attendees were asked to give a donation to the Safari West Wildlife Foundation.
First up, Via Spiga offered three shoe styles to try on for size. And their handbags? Adorable! Everyone from Vanessa Lengies to Lisa Edelstein were sized and sent their fave pair. In two weeks, let the indulging begin. (Totally worth the wait!) Meanwhile, Isaiah Washington, Simon Rex, and Kevin Dillon stopped by the booth and autographed a Via Spiga purse. That's the one I'm currently eyeing...
As I made my way through, CeaSwim struck my attention. And there was Cea offering up her favorite designs. I pointed at a wild print and asked what it was called. "Celebrity," I was told as she handed off a suit. Apparently, Maria Menounos agreed. However, the suit was in such high demand that, by the time she hit the stand, they were all out of her size. (They promised to mail her one.) Paris Hilton noted the line was "hot" and walked off with a couple additional styles (Baby Luxe and Island Girl).
Another catch? A pair of rock style jeans from Inkslingers and pink tattoo style shirt. Andy Dick and Isaiah Washington (with his wife and new baby!) also picked up some goodies from the booth. Taraji Henson was excited to "show off her crazy tattoo" with her new low rise jeans.
Then I discovered it... Gorjana's booth! Her jewelry line is beautiful. It was still early in the day, so not too many celebs had stopped by.... But her pieces felt like hidden treasure on a hunt. As she sent me off with her Leaf Crescent Necklace (retail: $50) and $25 gift certificate, I secretly celebrated, convinced I'd found my new good luck charm. Turns out Paris Hilton picked up the same keepsake as well as Gorjana's Wood Wrap Necklace.
Next up, Me! Bath. As I perused the line, one of their representatives gave me a hand massage with their tasty lotion. Later in the day, Kathy Hilton stopped by. Apparently, she's a longtime fan of the line and, since moving to Los Angeles, hasn't had access to it since her NYC stomping ground. Lucky for her, I'm sure they sent her off with plenty of products to stash away!
In a booth nearby, Haley Duff could be heard saying, "I want to eat it!" about Mixed Emotions "Bite Me" Body Butter. Eva La Rue agreed, “Wow!  Your products actually smell like edible chocolate!" she told Mixed Emotion's Emily Harrow.
Other notables: Voluspa Candles (Adrien Brody picked up their Pomegranate Patchouli scent!), Bliss Spa products (Neil Patrick Harris & Chris Kattan received a bunch of goodies!), Hanes' 360 Stretch underwear, Lucky Chick hand cream, Sugar's upcoming sandal line (Paris pre-ordered several pairs!), Torricelumn Pur skin care products, Betty Boop t-shirts and trading cards, and Joico hair products.
Other observations: Tyler Hilton and Rachel Boston holding hands as they passed the Me! Bath booth, Paris Hilton grabbing whatever she could and refusing photos--for once.
On my way out, I stopped for some freshly squeezed juice. While waiting, a spokesperson from Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer Elite asked, "Would you like a power juicer? We're gifting them today." Why not? Might as well bring something back for my roommates, right?
Day one in my celebrity excursion was beyond fun... it was exhausting! But something told me I'd find energy for day two. Besides, with a juicer in tote, some Vitamin C was all I needed to be back up and running.


After a hectic premiere, a night earlier, I decided I was in much need of some R&R. Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge was offering just that.
At the door, I gave my suggested donation to AIDS and then I was off...
I stopped by Sinful Suds who offered up their "Dirty Diva Sin Tin." As they put it, it's for "the nights you intend to come home, but don't." Jessica Alba, Kelly Hu, and Melinda Clarke stopped by. Wonder where they've been spending the night...
Page Sargisson's booth was next. Her jewelry was absolutely gorgeous. I'd hoped to pick up a little something, but Kristen Bell had the same wish. As she chose a style, Page mentioned she'd yet to name it. I chimed it, "You can name it after her," pointing toward Bell. And with that it was named "Bella" (retail: $180). Michelle Trachtenberg could also heard telling Page, "I'll e-mail you tonight!" Apparently, Page was a huge hit with young Hollywood!
The Save the Ta Tas booth was also in full swing with such visitors as Haylie Duff, Vanessa Lengies, and Rachael Leigh Cook. The company offered shirts with a variety of phrases including: "Caught you lookin at my tatas," "I love my little tatas," and (the one I chose) "Bodacious Tatas." Normally sold for $24, a portion of the profits goes toward Breast Cancer Research.
By the poolside, I stopped by Spanx where they helped me choose the perfect undergarments for my Golden Globe dress. A rep from the company introduced me to a "Hide & Sleek: Midthigh Smoother," guaranteed to give me butt. Now I know why everyone's bodies look so perfect! They're pampered from top to bottom. Nearly every female in attendance picked up an item or two including: Nicollette Sheridan, Teri Hatcher, and Jamie-Lynn DiScala.
Time to indulge in food: I'd heard Candy Zoo's brittle was "dangerously delicious" and it's no joke. They sent me off with their Chocolate Almond Toffee and I can't stop eating it. Model Caroline D'Amore also picked up Candy Zoo treats. I'll have to ask her how I can indulge and still fit into my Golden Globe dress. Plush Puffs was also a huge hit with Tiffanni Thiessen, Dominic Purcell, and Shawn Pyfrom, who posed for photogs with the gourmet marshmallows.
After too much edible indulgence, it was time to do something for my body. In the Style Lounge's Day Spa, I signed up for a facial from Rebecca at Skin Haven in Los Angeles. With a freshly exfoliated face, I was ready for a tan hollywood style from Hollywood Tan. The before picture was shot and I was instructed to strip. Did everyone go nude? They admitted most of the girls had, but wouldn't divulge who. With that, I stripped. Caroline airbrushed my body front and back and promised it wasn't too dark. As I looked in the mirror, I wondered about the upkeep. This was a treatment I could get used to....
As was living life celeb style... On my way out, Jill Smith of Jill Smith Designs handed me a set of note cards so colorful, I couldn't wait to find a reason to write. With that, I headed back to write, reflect, and relish my time at Kari's Style Lounge.


I headed to the InStyle Suite for a quick manicure (and photo with jewelry designer Penny Preville, the woman behind Eva Longoria & Mira Sorvino's Golden Globe jewels), popped into the Glamour Suite to browse for a few, and passed on the Stuart Weitzman display. (Boy, did I regret that! A friend of mine was sent home with a pair of shoes for the show!) At this point, I was tired of pampering and ready to get to work... And welcome to The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards' relaxation lounges...

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