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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Lights. Camera. Disbelief. Since my childhood friend Marli started working for Fashion Week, it's become the highlight of my year: twice a year. I remember going to my first runway show. (Okay, so it was only a year ago!) It felt like a movie set. Surreal. A whole other world. A world I didn't belong in, but so much fun to pretend I did. Everyone's looking around trying to figure out if anyone's anyone. I mean, hey -- I was going in and out of the VIP room, I must be someone, right? Maybe in my own mind. HA! But don't tell that to the photographers. I was sitting in the first row -- two seats down from Brooke Burke -- when I made eye contact with a photographer. A look of recognition on her face... oh wait, it was a friend from college! She smiled and quietly said, "Watch what happens." Next thing I know she's photographing me. I start having fun with it and begin posing. Sure enough, a couple other cameras came up to take photos of me. They had no idea who I was, but I must've been someone, right?? Well, that's fashion week for you. From the designers to the celebrities to merely the fashion fanatics, everyone dresses the part.

Take a peek into my Fashion Week Photo Diary.

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