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Benjamin Channing Clyburn & Sonia Yoon are the designing duo behind my new favorite line. Their collections are the perfect blend of feminine and funky. Simply put, I've become obsessed.

I discovered the label after Molly Sims wore a top to a West Hollywood event we attended. Soon after, I purchased the most adorable grey Bensoni coat. I just love it's oversized patent leather buttons.

Most recently, I wore their charcoal and black scoop neck dress to a cocktail party at Silver Lake's Confederacy Boutique--where I had a total "Devil Wears Prada" moment. A guy approached and complimented me on my dress.

"Who are you wearing?" he asked. (I'm used to asking that question--not being asked it.) Little did I realize, it was the down-to-earth designer himself with Yoon by his side.

I interview stars all the time and rarely find myself at a loss for words. On this occasion, forget star struck--I was awe struck.

You *must* check out their line. Below are the items I'm currently eyeing:





Poor economy or not, something tells me I'll be making another purchase soon. Their designs are too tempting to resist. Check out Bensoni.com to view their entire collection.


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