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Taryn Manning

Lindzi.com: So, Crazy/Beautiful is about to come out! What was it like working on the film?

Taryn Manning: We got to shoot right on the beach in Malibu and Pacific Palisades. We filmed at a high school that sat right on the ocean. It was an awesome place to go to work. I worked mostly with Kirsten. She's a fun actress and cool girl, as well. We had a good time. Kirsten and I would go and eat pizza.

Lindzi.com: What's the story line?

Taryn Manning: Kirsten's character has a lot of money and she ends up meeting this boy at our school. He's a Latino boy and a football player, but he lives all the way in East Los Angeles. Her father doesn't want them together, but they want to be. They're torn apart. It's a modern day Shakespeare in a really twisted way. My character, Maddy, sits down with Nicole when she goes through all of these different dilemmas with Carlos. She's there for her and acts as a support system. We get in trouble together, which makes people stay away from us. We don't have any friends. We're loners.

Lindzi.com: Loners, huh? What were your high school years like?

Taryn Manning: High school was cliquey. I got there in 11th grade, which is a weird year to show up. I went to was a performing arts school for the jazz and ballet program. You make friends instantly from dance class. So, through out high school, I hung out with my dance friends. As time went on, I met other people. I wasn't a loner, but I dressed funky. I always did my own thing. I'm not on the same page as the cheerleaders. I can respect what they do, but I've never wanted to do that. I'd rather go watch a dance show. I've always liked to hang out with people that sing, act, or dance. They have something inside of them.

Lindzi.com: Then, you must get along well with your latest co-star, Britney Spears! How's it going with What Are Friends For?

Taryn Manning: That's just the working title. It's not permanent. It's also known as the "Untitled Britney Spears Project." I just finished wrapping that a week and a half ago. My part was a lot bigger so I really got to sink my tooth into a role. It was a great experience. Britney, Zoe Saldana, and I became very close. It was so easy to work with everyone.

Lindzi.com: Did you have any misgivings about working with the pop diva?

Taryn Manning: I'm not lying when I say this... I've always respected the girl since I saw her doing Baby One More Time. Maybe she doesn't sing everyone's kind of music, but the girl can perform her butt off. I grew up as a dancer and you can point out charisma when you see it and she's got it. I had a positive outlook from the beginning. I never felt like less then her. What an opportunity! I wasn't nervous because we're all just human beings. She's just a normal girl. When I went in, I didn't feel happy. I didn't feel scared. I felt numb. I was more nervous about my audition. As I expected, she's the coolest girl I ever met. If you met her randomly, you would never know that she's doing what she does.

Lindzi.com: That's what we like to hear! What was life around the set like? Did you hang out at all after hours?

Taryn Manning: We had so much fun on the set. We would sing and dance. Every day, me and Zoe and her would start a song and before you knew it everyone was singing. We hung out during filming a lot. We'd go out on the weekends. Me and Zoe went thrift shopping a lot. That's my favorite thing to do. We went out dancing a bit. I went to Zoe's house one time and we just sat there and told jokes and watched TV.

Lindzi.com: So, what's the script like?

Taryn Manning: I'm not really supposed to be talking about the movie that much. I can sum it up. It's a road trip. We go across the United States to audition for a record company. We travel all the way from Louisiana to California in hopes of signing a deal. Each of the characters have a different purpose for going out there. I want to audition for the record company. Britney's character wants to stop through Arizona to see her mother who abandoned her. Zoe's on the hunt for her fiancé who moved out to Hollywood and is cheating on her. There's all kinds of stuff going on with the plot.

Lindzi.com: What was the audition process like?

Taryn Manning: I loved the script and didn't want to get my hopes up. You have to do that as an actress. You have to un-attach yourself. I did the audition and got a call to come meet Britney at her hotel room that weekend. I went in there and read with Britney, the director, and the two casting directors. It was a fun meeting. When I left, I left feeling good. Then, the next week, I got the call. I was like, "Wooah!"

Lindzi.com: Why do you think they chose you for the role?

Taryn Manning: I think it came down to whoever could hold their own and make the relationship between my character and Britney's seem easy. I'm sincere. I'll just say, "Hello. I'm Taryn. I'm going to sit here with you and make you feel as comfortable as I can if you do the same for me." It's about chemistry. That's why I love when a director doesn't cast the two people separately which happens all the time. They'll cast Bob and then they'll cast Mary. Then Bob and Mary get on the set and they can't stand each other.

Lindzi.com: Luckily that wasn't the case with you two! So, you've been working hard all year... what are your summer plans?

Taryn Manning: You're constantly reminded every day how lucky you are when you're working. There are so many actors and actresses. However, this summer, I'm going to go to Mexico. Me and my friends are renting a house on the beach. That should be fun. Also, I'm in a band with my brother. We'll be playing around L.A. this summer. I also like to make clothes and do crazy stuff. So, I'll probably go thrift shopping a lot. I like buying weird stuff and I'll freak it out with beads and stuff.

Taryn Manning is the perfect choice for our final cover. While Kirsten may be the star of Crazy/Beautiful and Britney of What Are Friends For, it's Taryn who'll steal scenes with her natural beauty and charismatic talent. Taryn Manning is an actress to keep an eye on for years to come!

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